Friday, September 11, 2009

The Eight + 1 Tag

Got tagged by Monica. I guess going through answers is easier than jotting them down yourself. As i have already delayed this tag for sometime, would like to get down with the answers. And seeing this that you admire my blog monica is a great compliment. Thanks :)


8 favorite dishes I love to eat-
I'm not someone who loves sweet, rather prefer spicy food! So here goes the list...

1. Cholle bhature - Only home made(i.e Mum made)

2.Pizzas - Love them, dont mind the extra calories.
Hot favorite: Chicago pizza

3.Makki ki roti stuffed with methi topped with white butter(again home made)

4. Choco truffle pastries and cakes, HCF (Bring'em on :P)

5.Spicy Kadhai chicken

6.Dahi bhalle

7.Sarson ka saag and makki ki roti - Being a true punjabi at heart, i love this dish! Wont ask for more if garnished with green chillies ;)

8.Paneer tikaa, chiken tikka(Tandoori stuff)

9. Dal Makhani

8 things bothering me right now –

1. Exams - No preparation at all :(

2. 2 blogs to be completed, even after this blog.

3. Dont have time for myself, and i often get irritated because of this.

4. Few souls in vicinity , who have turned so negative all of a sudden. (Shows how bad i m at judging people)

5. Grandmother's not keeping well! Cant see her deteriorating health.

6. Trust people at the drop of the hat, & end up making a fool of myself. Tough time for me ahead :|

7. Said something silly to a close friend of mine, hope the person knows me well & forgives me ;)

8. Cant figure out what i'l be doing next year? The fact that one has to sit at home doing nothing gives me jitters.

9. 8 are enough i guess :P

8 Movies I would never say no to

1. Qayamat se qayamat tak - Being an "Aamir Khan" fan, cant get enough of this movie. It exudes innocence of to young people in love.

2. The Notebook

3. Rang De Basanti - New age patriotism

4. Mrs. Doubtfire

5. Little Manhattan

6. Notting Hill

7. Jaane bhi do yaaron - A hillarious comedy of 80's

8. The illusionist

9. Jo jeeta wohi sikander

8 things I plan to do in this week –

1. Start studying

2. Complete this tag.

3. Visiting my nephew, its been more than 2 weeks now

4. Manage my time, in order to give myself and my dear ones time.

5. Enjoy the weather, in whichever way possible

6. Buy myself a rocking chair, have always wanted one!

7. wondering what to give to my kid sis on her bday :P Same goes for a friend, whose bday falls in the same week. Im bad at choosing gifts

8. Try to stop eating all the junk food, though m not sure if i will succeed.

9. Relaxxxx.....

8 sounds that annoy me –
1. Screeching sound of Chalk against board.

2. Mindless honking of horns.

3. sound of a spoon hitting the dishes.

4. Sound made when people eat with there mouth open.(cant help poinitng that out)

5. crying babies

6. Voice of a certain someone, in my current class of study :P

7. Loud music playing in the vehicles.

8. Commotion of any sort, dont like crowded places.

9. bursting knuckles

8 reasons I love life right now –

1. For whatever God has blessed me with, could'nt have asked for more.

2. My family - Always beside me, to guide me through the thick and thin of life.

3. My Friends - Cant thank you all enough, for being there. Only few people are blessed with selfless freinds. You guys make my day, which seem incomplete otherwise.

4. An extension to the previous point: Im lucky to be with wise people, in front of whom i can pour my heart out without giving second thoughts.

5. Music - Love the feeling when i play it on.

6. Nature - Always find something new, to appreciate

7. Like the way life is right now, dont want things to change(wish could hold back time) sigh!!!

8. My ignorant attitude, because sometimes its better to ignore things with so much negativity around.

9. My faith :)

8 traits I really admire in people –

1. Individuality - People who have an identity of their own, and

who dont shed their image once with a different set of people.

2. Modesty - Admire this quality a lot.

3. Sense of humour - Making others laugh, is the best one can do.

4. Intelligence - Have great respect for those who are learned

5. Optimism

6. In your face attitude - Dont like double standards

7. Honesty - Truth always prevails, no matter what!

8. Adjusting attitude - Considering other's point of view and appreciating it

9. Sensitivity

8 things I see myself doing in the next five years

1. Want to see myself doing well for me and my family. In short want to be independent.

2. Get myself a good job(well paid too). I just want to earn and hand my first pay check to my parents! hope it happens soon.

3. Fly off to Greece :)

4. Settled well :P

5. Do an MS if time permits.

6. Would love to have all my friends, still growing stronger and having a good time with them and their kids too :P

7. Try out my hand at interior designing.

8. Hope i work on this ability to make out what is wrong and what is right. Guess will mature with time ;)

9. Own a place for myself somewhere in the lap of nature....

8 Bloggers I would like to tag –

Dont have many people to tag(as most of my friends are not on

blogger and dont have that huge a followers list), those i do know

are already tagged, so dont mind if i tag them again!!

1. Monica at Ruminations
2. Sobhit at Life:The blessed hell ride
3. Nancy at
4. Sahu at Bugs009
5. Kasabiangirl at Life sure is a snoozefest
6. Vikas at walk of life

will tag only these


  1. Nice answers..I love Aamir Khan too. His movies are always so different and amazing.

    Thanks for tagging me :)

  2. Finally you too completed this one!
    Salivating food choices :P
    Do invite me once you get your rocking chair and don't say anything about junk never know when the next time is.

  3. And yess...about the award thing.
    Just save the image from This post link and go to add gadgets-add picture and insert that.
    No html code.
    Am looking forward to that award on ur page.Put up that ASAP

  4. @kasabiangirl: My pleasure!!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog ;)

    @monica: Ya i did ;) And you don't need an invite, drop in any day ya(just let the chair come)

  5. negtvy arnd ?? n yet again negativty arnd??? abbe tujhe kya hua.. look at urself in d mirror smiling n all ur negatvty wud b gone :P :P dats hw it works 4 us arnd.. feel bad look at a smiling baby or smiling parul n its all gone :P:P wid a smileys ofcourse.. hmm.. n voice f certain sm1 annoys u ?? hehehahahahahhaa... ok MS abbe aur kitna padegi...rocking chair jab tak ni hai koi ni u can rock on 1 lying at my plce..alwaz welcome..dnt need an invite....n greece jab jayegi bata diyo... dark chocolate le aiyo mere liye :P
    n hi taggd u in my post so hv fun doin dat ... yeh hanthi tha,... abb ponch nikal :P :P

  6. n miss scribbler .. ek aur awrd 4u...

  7. @shobhit:

    Awww...That's so nice on your part! Me smiling works for you ppl :P Feels nice, & trust me its enough to lift my spirits :)
    Coming to the negativity, yar could'nt handle handle it toh got carried away. And ya certain voices do annoy me;) MS coz if i have nothing to do then alternative
    Chocolates done hain teri :P

    Thanks for offering me to rock on your chair!!

  8. And THANKS A TON!!! for the award shobhit... :)

    2 awards, feels like i'v won an oscar(dont have my winning speech ready as of now) :P