Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nostalgia unplugged!

Well ok, have this confession to make had vowed rather decided not to blog. I somehow felt that this is an area that does'nt suit me or I can not do justice to. I mean, getting awards from fellow bloggers for not even being regular with my posts was kind of hard to digest. Dont like accepting awards for what i dont deserve. Hence the decision, solely came from within.

But the great souls they are, i guess i got them whatsoever. All thanks to them!. Still feel that there are others who are great with words and expressing things by wrting. I am better off doing the same verbally(that's what i believe, could be wrong).

Must be wondering, why the hell i'm writing this post then?? :P I wont give any clarifaction or justification on this. The main reason I can say is probably the nostalgia sorrounding me these days. Its been time since its lingering on with me. For the past 1-1.5 months have had this one thought, that what i'll do without certain people, outside college etc etc. I admit tham am a tad too used to them being around. But then you cant hold on to time(though i wish i could). I usually have this habbit of not letting things go. Might be because I'm made like this(typically virgo). I'm feeling like an emotional fool already! So be it :P

Anyhow, initially had had thoughts that, it could be just because seeing and being a lot with some people might be the reason. But when i look back at the year gone by, I realize its more than just nostalgia. Every past time had some good and some not so good things about it, but when you look back with nostalgia, you tend to overlook them. Same implies to this year.

Have fond memories of the togetherness of our 'gang' (dont know why this word is considered so offensive). Be it in college or outside college we had a hell of a time. Though we were almost regular, but the abscence of two of our friends was felt a lot. Wont comment on why was that, but it was. The session i remember began on a sad note, my better half lost a dear one. Had never seen that side of her, but time shows you everything. Glad that she's back from the loss she suffered(but a loss is a loss, it is not a gain). Missed your prescence in college. But thanks to the other three, never felt alone or left out. I have my room of comfort and can only pour myself out in front of only a few(given i might seem all outgoing or bubbly). That was one thing i admire till date about the trio. Always there by your side, to bail you out of any damn situation. We witnessed a few this year: be it for a noble cause, taking your stand, not to forget dropping ladies at their doorstep(even if its not in their direction) etc.. Two of them were usually at the recieving end of my suddern outbursts :P Will appologize for that. Next i can recall are the "September of Birthdays". Two of us share birthdays in september. Had a great time. When one is not feeling good, or has some problem on a particular day, but they still turn up to light up your day is commendable. Had a tough time completing the so called project and reports. Happy that its all done now.

Prints bhi nikal gaye ab toh :D

Then there were days we attended college till 5. Pheww... that was some task. Naturally, toiling soo hard made us hungry. Result: we could be spotted at Standard's or stufing some chattar-pattar :P ;) Gosh! cant forget the day we went to Chandni Chowk. Loved it. How can i forget got hit in the leg, consequently tattered my jeans :| But the faluda was worth it all :) That was the day when the infamous '2.5 saal ka sentiment' came into being, on the metro. It works always :D

Sigh!!! those were the days....

Coming back to college I am terribly getting college-sick i guess. It wont be the same now, with all of the classmates having chosen their respective paths. Sometimes used to think sab alag-alag type ke log(including me) ek jagah pe kaise tik sakte hai. But all of us did.

Almost everyone has experienced nostalgia, as a wistful memory of childhood or a strong feeling of friendship. So have i! It has this ability to trigger a sense of euphoria as pleasant memories are recalled. Now that we are on the verge of moving and choosing paths for ourselves, wish everyone all the best for life ahead. Baki i know, and can hope that we'll be seeing each other if not a lot.

A friend of mine suggested this song Clouds by Bread! Was listening to it while writing the post, so thought of including it too : )

See the clouds adrift so far below
Ever changing as they come and go;
Makes me wonder why Im up so high
When really I am down so low

Of all the wonders I was one allowed
I think that I would always choose a cloud,
Always bring my feelings right out loud,
Whether I'm ashamed or proud.....

Last but not the least here's me and my little honey poo

wishing all a very