Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Year older... and Better :P

I seem to have been rather slow at the blogging thing recently, but one thing that i feel deserves a blog entry is my 23rd birthday which was last Sunday. I don't remember when was the last time, my birthday fell on a Sunday! I loved the fact it was a Sunday (weekdays mean running here and there, which spoils all the fun). Had been toiling hard for the past week with the exams (toiling because i'm a firm believer in last minute preparations, so was left with almost everything to stuff my little brain). Moreover the exams concluded only a day before my birthday.

Was so relieved...phewww!

I think EVERYONE should indulge in some pampering (themselves) on their birthday because you truly DO owe it to yourself. So did I :P whether you’re a guy or a girl you got to pamper yourself; be it with shopping, sleeping , partying with friends, indulging in all sorts of junk, WHATEVER! just as long as you spend your day having fun and doing what you love…(what more if it falls on a weekend).

My day began rather early(midnight), feels nice when friends whom you talk seldom to ring you up unexpectedly to wish! Loved the fact that i have my place in this big bad world, where people do remember me :P The day that followed was great.. Got the privilege to cut the cake thrice :) thanks to my family and dear friends!

Initially it did bother me that i'v turned an year older, and have quiet a lot of things to be done but then realized its the present that matters the most. And i'm doing well as of now. As far as age is concerned I guess "An year older is an year better" than what you were
previously :P

The main purpose of this blog entry is to thank everyone who made it special for me! I can only thank and appreciate you guys(who despite of all hurdles or some reason) came by to wish me. Could not have asked for more. The day ended with a pleasant surprise from my brother who was least expected to visit me that day. He came along with bhabhi & nephew(oh he is too adorable as a gift)!! That was the best-est conclusion to such a wonderful day!
Thanks all :D



  1. probably shud hv had a like button here.. cos nothin coming 2d head ryt now.. but gud 2c ur post n glad u throughly njoyd ur day n dint let certain situation n ppl bothr u :/... so alls well dat ends well n wid ur nephw der 2 tk ur spirits up up n away..its all gud :).. luv ur live life d fullest n optimistc attitude.. guess sm f us can learn alot wid souls like u arnd... u wud knw wot i mean... so keeping all d messd up part aside.. belated hapi brday 2u.. bein a brday post desrve a wish here :P :P... awesum pic.. show u in ur best-est elelmnt.. guess its not dat bad 2 hv so many fotographers arnd aftr all :P :P... n funny u say n many arnd 2 say big bad world or evil world.. wid souls like u arnd,,, dnt find no bad or evil elmnt arnd :P :P... as 4 having ur place? u'v made a huge place 4 urself wid ppl arnd strnge u dint knew it as yet :P :P.. but gud got 2knw dat now... n d statemnt dat present mattrs d most.. hmm interesting..hv been givin it a thot f late n readin it here only confrmd few ideas... so present it is no past or future.. :D... gud 2hv frnds like u arnd n getin older getin bttr.. gud goin...

  2. Thanks for being sooo generous with your words shobhit! And then you say nothing coming to your head :P You are few of those who dont have to think much before writing stuff! And you dont have to constantly point out certain things. It has all ended, all's well :)
    Baki the present thing is for everybody ;)

    Thanks a lot for ur wishes

  3. need not thank your loved ones for being there.I have a strange problem with me, i don't enjoy my birthday as much as the birthdays of closed ones, don't know why! So i am grateful to you for making my day more brighter and livelier.Older and better...hmm a nice perspective of looking at the incrementing number:P
    As for the day, your lovely picture says the story.It's really worth a thousand words!
    I hope we get together and celebrate more and more birthdays of yours in the future :)