Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Fascinating Delusion

Slept a little extra than my usual. Got up at 10 in the morning...felt sooo good :) The weather outside is amazing, even now! Just love to snuggle up in the bed and look out of my window! Had this crazy dream :P :D

I really dont know what it meant. But then its like this only, often dreams dont have any meaning or do they?. I have this fuzzy image of what happened. So it goes like this...

It was around 11 in the morning, was raining(could say was drizzling). I was walking down a street , enjoying the tiny dropplets on my face. Across the street i met 2 0f my friends. Three of us, were busy catching up, i guess because we met after a pretty long gap! then's when we reach this joint where we used hang out(dinginess around) in our schooling years. Unlike before, no one was there. But we were not bothered! Continued our chats... By then it was all dark, a beautiful dark(at 12 in the morning). Thats when i get out of the place, dunno where my friends were. I was walking on a path(not so nicely done), greenery everywhere. It was so quiet, so serene. I love the way it feels, when it gets dark in the day time. Nothing moves during this period, the
only noise you can hear is that of the little drops of rain. The buildings visible around seemed to be the remains of a really old city. Suddenly, I happened to see the moon(but wasnt it noon?). Then all of a sudden i remember the fact there was going to be an eclipse today...

But how come the moon was visible? Isnt it the moon that obscures the sun during an eclipse?
what the hell was it?

10.05 am

daddy: Parul, utho!

And then i realise, all of it was a dream! :P :|

A shady light coming in from the window of my room, birds chirping, you can smell the wet mud... :) it was all blueish gray outside, like u have photoshopped it to blue gray. No worries attatched!

God knows what was the dream, and what it meant but i'd love to go back to that place wherever it was. Where its an eerie blue forever :)
Wish colud have stayed a bit longer!!


  1. A weird dream i would say but all the dreams have a meaning and its only you who can interpret yours.May be later you'll get the significance of it. And are you sue that was moon? May be it was sun, not in its luminous form due to eclipse :P
    As far as going back is concerned, you'll have to wait for another 100+ years but in your dreams you can visit whenever you wish.

    Funny and unusual post :)

  2. rain eclippse moon .... n u go back 2 b wid ur ol frnds wid no1 else arnd?? tu ghar baithe baithe pak chuki hai it seems... koi ni hardly any tym left 4u 2gt back 2d colg if not d school.. besides how u wana inetrpret ur dream is totally on u but like monica said .. dey all hv der meanin.. only u gota decipher dem,,,n kool post reminded of ur 1st 1.. daddy:parul utho... :P u need not go back 2d place u can mk 1 arnd u now dat u hv seen it n knw how it is.. so guess ur tired of sittin home n dats it... baki v hv certain ppl in our class wid astro knwlgde.. u can consult dem n c mayb dey can gv u sm lite on ur dreams :P:P:P hahahahhahahhaa lol...kill me if u wan2 i dnt care :P:P:P hahahahahahahahah

  3. @monica : ya i wish it happens soon..lol .It was moon as far as i remember and dreams are supposed to be funny and unusual ;)

    @ shobhit : First, i dont want col to reopen, second, i am not bored, it was a dream! u dnt have to dream when bored :P
    And how is one suppose to create that set up around? :P;)

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