Friday, July 3, 2009

The Way (IT) makes me feel

Now that Michael Jackson is dead, all of a sudden there's this huge bombardment of newspapers and TV channels, Facebook statuses are being constantly updated, people are Twitter-ing furiously, messageboards are flooded -- the Internet is jammed with the outpouring of news and grief! How come suddenly all that sympathy mounting up day-by-day ?

But what of the time when he was alive?

he was seen to as a

  • Child molester
  • Freak
  • Lunatic
  • Unfit parent
  • Bisexual
Thats a lot!! We dont know how much of it all stands true, but we have this habbit of forming opinions based on hearsay. Sad!! This has always happened and will continue to happen...

So we have a short memory, do we?

Nothing new there. The world (including me) has this inclination to crucify the rich and famous and then elevating them to God-like status when their lives are cut short.

Anyways, personally I never could bring myself to believe this eccentric man could have been a sex offender. And there are those who will believe it was the other way round. But whatever your opinion, one thing is undeniable --that he was a legend. His music, his performances and his energy entertained us for over four decades. He is one of the few pop stars that my pea-sized brain can recall since I was a kiddo. Loved his Heal the world!

MJ had a real tragic end, no one still can say clearly how the poor soul died. I hear different theories each day. Faking death being the latest!! I mean, media and people are running their minds wild.

Let him be, is all I can say...



  1. The world has gone crazy over the death of MJ.We mortals are so sick, speculating over how he died, his misdemeanors, his will, debt etc.

    Its amusing to see that we(and of course media) are constantly looking over something to keep our self occupied,physically and emotionally.

    These days its MJ, may be in few days God knows who it will be.
    As you pointed out,the man is gone. Let him be.Stop going Bonkers over his death.

    The famous artist Tyeb Mehta died a few days ago. Who Cares? I never saw any coverage in the electronic media.Agreed the man was a recluse, but i never heard of any candle marches or any thing for him.His work too had a universal appeal.I smell Hypocrisy here!

    I think we Indians go ga-ga over anything PHOREN! Now! i don't mean to offend the feeling of MJ fans out here.But i couldn't ignore the stark contrast in the extent of coverage of the deaths of both the legends.
    The media should be ashamed of it self.

    For me personally, he is still alive. He's just immortal. Legends don't live or die, they just stay. That's why i personally detest anything written for him or tributes of any kind.
    Sorry my friend...Can't really appreciate this post.

  2. n i still can't figure out this R.I.P MJ funda...what does it mean?

  3. Its just a matter of perception ya. Its sad that Tyeb Mehta, the great artist went un-recognised. But thats what I said in the post, media goes for news that sells! I guess that says it all.

    And R.I.P=Rest In Peace