Monday, July 6, 2009

To GARV.. With loads of Love :)

I wonder why I'm so in love with this Little Angel, that my brother was blessed with lately. I'm so very much in awe of him! What a pure soul he seems :) Feel like he deserves this post more than anyone.

It was 3.30 p.m. on the 13th of June. I distinctly remember all that afternoon, I had been watching re-runs of FRIENDS(managed to lay my hands on the first 5 seasons or so). My landline telephone rang, and the lazy a** I am, I did'nt even feel like answering the phone as I was reclining easy on the sofa :P But then evetually, thought of answering the call or else Mom would'hv been mad at me! To my surprise, it was my brother on the other side, from the hospital. He was like "I'm a father Parul, and you a bua!". It was least expexted at that time. There was this sudden rush of emotions within. I'm generally not known to be too emotional, but that day I dunno why there was this immidiate tear trickling down my eye. I still dunno why that happened. I could sense nervousness in my bro's voice. (Even now after, almost 22 days he is scared of picking the boy up). I congratulated him and passed on the phone to my mum (Thought that was the best thing to do at that time, I usually take time to express my feelings). So, another Gemini was born. It was my mum's birthday on the 12th. Double celebrations :D

Was pretty excited, and could'nt contain the excitement within. Told a few close freinds about it. I had never seen a-day old baby before. After that, we rushed to the hospital to see that all was well with mother-son duo, and with god's grace it was! My brother was blushing.. teehee :D About my brother, I'd like to say that he has always been there for me, since I was a kid myself. I share this special bond with him. Never, felt the need of a real brother. Coming back we were supposed to wait outside the nursery. After an hour or so, the little one was brought to my bhabhi's room. When I saw him first, could'nt stop staring at him and beleive me could'hav done that the entire time. Was quiet apprehensive initially to lift him up, but once I did, dint feel like letting him go.

Trust me, I personally dont approve of small children yelling and crying. Earlier used to get annoyed to the core. Used to ask my mom, why the hell are'nt children born 4-5 years old.(Did'nt know the technicalities then). But i guess he has changed my perception. Seems a symbol of innocence to me.

After lots of contemplation, he has been named GARV (what a short and sweet name). Btw was suggested by me.. He is soo cute and has this positive aura around him. Looks awesome when he smiles! He keeps everyone busy, capturing his slightest of movements(Some model in the Does'nt cry much. My Mom tells me, even I was like that. Never gave her much trouble :D. Dunno why, I love watching him, even though he's sleeping most of the time! Hope he inculcates all the good characterstics of his parents, and with me visiting him often thoda bohot mere jaisa ho.. ;)

Lastly, would say he has a fan in me!
Wish God blesses him with all the love and happiness in the world!!



  1. What a wonderful baby!
    Nice account of the happenings at his birth.
    Accept my heartiest congratulations for having such a charming nephew(nephew Right!).

    Your post has made me nostalgic. I can't help but think of those times, when i was as naive and pristine.And now! aahem...its a different story altogether:P
    How i wish we all would be as innocent and pure as we were,at our birth.
    I suppose that's why babies are God in disguise.
    I am sure he'll absorb all the marvelous traits of his bua.
    God Bless :)

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